This work has a double aim: on one hand it gathers and quotes a selection of 250 texts by Camillo Berneri, on the other hand it underlines the huge production of the anarchist from Lodi and analyses his positions facing the most reliable works ever published , about him.

No libertarian went so far beyond the visible and invisible schemes of anarchism.

There are no other samples of such a pragmatic political tension even though autocritical and desecrating; Berneri’s life represents a great contribution to anarchism.


This work of mine means to contribute to the break of the doctrinal canons of anarchism.

Anyway I have tried not to betray Berneri’s reflections by quoting his idea through his own words; I have followed the fil rouge which led Berneri during his life ,bending anarchism to politics.

1989 , almost 20 years ago, the fall of Berlin’s Wall and the tragicomic end of a “surreal” Socialism.

The works of such an intellectual have a universal value not only for anarchism but also for people whom believe in the renewal of the Left; a renewal that must be substancial and not superficial otherwise  the emancipation movement would disappear from political scene.

The strength of Berneri’s thought lies in the request of a direct democracy, of a federalist decentralization , as Berneri himself says :”from being ruled to rule oneself”.

There is  a strong refusal of the autonomy of politics : the end does not justify the means, on the contrary they condition the results of politics.

A society , used to control, will no rech self-management and the Marxist left-wing ,conditioned by a “Socialist Machiavelli”, ignores this truth.