A short introduction to CIB-Unicobas in Italy

CIB-Unicobas (l'Altrascuola-Unicobas is a part of it) is a relevant libertarian organization operating in several fields (Health, Education, Public Administration), mainly in Italy.
We run 21 active branches with 5,000 members in 40 italian towns.
CIB-Unicobas was founded in 1990 and held its first meeting in Rome in 1991.
In the international meeting in Rome in 1998, french CNT among european unions, was underlined the danger of the Globalization for the rights of every worker in the UE and in the whole world.

CIB-Unicobas hopes for the coordination of european libertarian trade -unions in order to affirm the right of striking and meeting and the union rights in general.
Only this coordination can face liberalist reorganization and assert a direct participation against the egemony of the traditional political parties.

We believe in the self-management of workers, we are leading a campaign to get an indexed wage scale ("scala mobile") and to defend the rights of short term work force.
We claim freedom of teaching and freedom of learning ,in the State school which should be an institution aimed to implement scientific and literary knowledge.

In the field of State education, CIB-Unicobas has fought against an ineffective job evaluation based just on quiz tests for teachers ("Concorsone").
In 2000 that unfair system was rejected by a massive strike and a big demonstration called by Unicobas and Cobas, involving more than 50,000 teachers: the then Minister Luigi Berlinguer left the Ministry of Education.